Caroline (no. 2) MUSIC VIDEO


First off, I just want to extend my sincerest gratitude to everyone who’s come to shows, shared music and videos, bought cd’s and me drinks or food, and anything else anyone has ever done to help me out. I have some great friends and family. I’ve so much more motivation now than I did 6 months ago. I’ve nothing if not an eagerness for the future. See you all down the road.

After putting in a lot of work, on globally whelming (get it? working on my stand up) hot days, Brian “budman” Dickman of fame, did an amazing job. In making me look far cooler than I could’ve ever done myself.  In making this, I actually owe Brian my first born son (jokes on him).With no further comments– Here is the video…

News, and photos soon to follow…



Had a good run of shows last weekend around my home, Toledo, and Bowling Green. This picture shows the mess Bowling Green was. But I picked it up for Whitey Morgan the next night. And it was great playing to a hundred or so Iron Coffin’s. Seeing tons of good friends. Huge thanks to Whitey Morgan.  Now I can sleep, finally.

11/12 TOLEDO, OH – OTTAWA TAVERN – 10:00 –

11/16 TOLEDO, OH – Make It Indie – 4:30 –

11/29 TOLEDO, OH – Frankies – 9:00 –


Hey friends, I just finished recording a few songs in Athens, OH these past few days.  I have a good friend Todd who goes to school there and had access to the extremely fancy, yet unreliable studio. We did alot of sitting and waiting, and had a lot of mishaps.  But we managed to get some songs recorded, and I can’t wait to show you when they’re done. In the meantime, hope these photos and videos stimulate your senses.


The house Todd lives in is like a bad (good?) acid trip.

Todd and Rob


Todd (right) was the main guy behind my recording experience, and Rob was there to help out too… Good people.



While waiting for Todd to sleep off the night before, I climbed into the woods by lonesome for a nice little hike.



I think throughout all the technical difficulties we felt like we were killing ourselves for the art. But I think what we got will be fine.

Here was an outtake of Madeleine and I doing Caroline while Todd was sorting out a problem.




Dates added


8/31 TOLEDO, OH – Toledo music fest – tba –
9/5 TOLEDO, OH – Table 44 – 7:00 –
9/7 ATHENS, OH – Casa Nueva – 9:00 –
9/8 THOMAS, WV – The Purple Fiddle – 1:00 –
9/14 TOLEDO, OH – Mainstreet Bar – 9:00 –
9/20 YPSILANTI, MI – Woodruffs – 9:00 –
9/25 TOLEDO, OH – Frankies – 9:00 =
9/27 DAYTON, OH – Blind Bobs Bar – 9:00 –