“Toledo, Ohio’s Ben Stalets has a time out of mind quality about him, of sidestepping from contemporary musical trends. Rough and rustic, his new single “Lost” is built around a soft chugging rhythm and gritty harmonies. A bit of ragtime piano flares up unexpectedly, setting up the light ivory twinkling and an antique fiddle that winds its way through the dense backdrop. Thick with an Appalachian folksiness, it has that aura of soaking under a grey rain. Despite the autumnal feel, “Lost” still laced with a whimsical perspective.” – Pop Matters

” Exuding wide-eyed charms, we can’t help but tag along for the adventures! Stalet’s familiar baritone is weathered in all the right places, and on “Lost” he reels off stanzas of hard won wisdom with a storyteller’s glint in his eye.” – Live Eye Tv

“Ben Stalets, is a songwriting machine as he’s just released another set of songs on bandcamp. “Lost Songs” is a compilation of 1 single titled “Lost” and 5 demo songs. Ben says that these songs will fund “all things Ben Stalets” and we can almost be sure that there will be another record coming, it may even be in the works. Our favorite track on this tape is “Sweetly, Suzie.” Here at Rock The Pigeon, we love Ben’s rough folk ramble.” – Rock The Pigeon

“The single, aptly titled Lost, has a somber but rich texture, sparsely layered with ivory and fiddle.  And the unpretentious Dylanesque nature of his vocals is ever present.” –

Ben Stalets resides in Toldeo, Ohio, a town inhabited by industry, fashioned by its factory ties, and shaped by its place upon the Maumee River. These industrial and geographical traits don’t just mold the locale but seep into the souls of this city’s inhabitants…and in Ben Stalet’s case, into the music they create…Such is the case with Stalet’s new single “Lost”, an anthem for the escapist who was lured by the western winds, but now finds themselves coveting that familiar road back to his river city abode.” -Speak Into My Good Eye

“The soft and relaxed vocals mixed with crisp but foggy sounding melodies make me daydream of a fire blazing on a quiet relaxing night.” – Hills & Bridges

“Toledo native brings country-blues to Casa Nueva” – Culture – The Post (show preview)

Ben Stalets – Review and announcement of Ohio Tour

Ben Stalets interview on 100.7 The Zone 

Ypsilanti Courier  (show write up)

Ben Stalets “Caroline No. 2″ video write-up (Rock The Piegon)

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