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The Million Dollar Question

‘What’s next?’

Maybe the question is not worth that much, but it’s worth a look, right?

First – Last month, I opened up for one of my longest lasting musical inspirations, Damien Jurado in Vandalia, OH at an unsuspecting Coffee Shop named Warehouse 4. (pictured above, with our sweethearts)
ALSO – I am embarking on a small tour at the end of the month consisting mainly of house shows, and one at one of my favorite venues, The South Gate Revival. You can find dates under the ‘Shows’ section. I’ll update this post with dates/locations later.
Next month, I’m heading East for a small tour. I’m playing SOFAR NYC and Pump House in Wakefield, RI with my good friend Ian Fitzgerald. I’ll be adding those dates and more, later.

Justin Townes Earle & Cory Branan & Tour


What’s up horsies?
First, I’m opening up for one of my first favorite contemporary songwriters, Justin Townes Earle. A long time ago I started following him at my good friend, Eric’s recommendation. Actually around the time I first started playing guitar – Eric also taught me my first chords. That Eric, he’s a real gem. Anyhow, It was always a dream to open up for JTE and now I’m doing it at the end of this month.
Through JTE I Found Cory Branan, who I am also opening up for, later this month. Cory Branan is one of the best solo songwriters out there doing it. Reminding me every time that it’s cool to be real good at guitar, too.
OH SHIT, I forgot – I got engaged on my last tour in New Orleans to my lovely long time friend/girlfriend Noelle. I asked her underneath a sketchy church bell near the venue I was playing. Seemed like the “wrong side of the street” but we made the right things happen.
Noelle is also the leading force behind all of my tours. We harmonize like a bell. She works very hard alongside Andrea Borkowski, by the name Spinach Teeth Productions. It’s very interesting watching those two kindred spirits grow.
Noelle and I bought a new (to us) Van. This means we’ll be taking tours more seriously. Speaking of which….

JUST ANNOUCED A HEAVY LOAD OF AUG/SEPT DATES! Please check them out and tell your friends… that’s how this stuff works.

In the works – a full band tour, and another big tour before the year is over. Life gets hard a lot, but it gets awesome a lot, too. ALways trying to remember that nothing lasts forever so I must embrace it all. I’m excited for the rest of the year.

Oh, and here’s a video from Little Room In Florida sessions I filmed just outside of Panama City a couple months ago.

May you enjoy all of the AC on this globally warmed summer,

Album Review & Southern Tour


I’m going on tour in May, check the website for details. I would let you buy one of my CD’s and tell you about the day’s drive.

“It’s artist like Ben Stalets that Midwesterners get spoiled with. There is a plethra of talent that spend years on local stages for no more than a few PBRs and a tip jar, often allowing their own modesty to interfere with self promotion and marketing”.
‘Country Midwestern’ was recently reviewed by Midwestern Gentleman. It was a great review, one of the few that make you feel better about the work you’re doing after a long stint consisting of uncertainty and self deprecation. Thanks guys.

My Whereabouts

Hey all,
It’s been a while since I used this dumb thing, to post something dumb, but as fate would have it, here I am again. I come baring gifts too.
First and foremost, I’ve released an album…

Second, I’ve just gotten back from a tour that took me down to Tennessee, up to New England and everywhere in-between for the month of October. Heres living proof:
I guess that’s only proof if you trust words carefully placed over a dramatic photo.

Well, that could’ve been shot anywhere, but it was in New Hampshire at Red Line Roots, with my buddy Ian Fitzgerald.
January, I’ll be back out on the road, and I’ll be announcing dates as soon as I can.
I’d like to start updating this more, so if that’s something you’re into, check back.